Relocated lifters for Stage II Indy blocks


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Jun 1, 2001
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I've read some and seen pictures of the square port Stage II heads developed for Indianapolis, but I had always heard that they ran them on regular Stage II blocks made with a lower deck height. In a thread over on Speedtalk someone posted a picture of a motor with the Indy heads but the lifters have been shifted so that instead of alternating sides every lifter they alternate sides every other lifter, so the intake and exhaust lobes for a cylinder are adjacent on the cam. Check it out: One regular poster there is Mike Jones of Jones Cams down in NC, who did most of the camshaft development for the Indy program. If anyone has one of these blocks, I bet he either has or could easily make cams for it. He said that they made the switch in the late 80's to eliminate a cracking problem they were having in the lifter valley. Just some interesting trivia I wanted to share.

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Sep 4, 2001
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The short deck Indy blocks that ran square port heads were a completely different design. The had siamese lifter bores and either ran a keyed lifter or lifers with a very short link bar. The cam lobe spacing is different also. Very little is interchangeable between those engines and more common Stage 2 standard deck blocks.

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