down goes ricer


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May 25, 2001
I was cruising along last night in my GN, when I hear a buzzing sound pulling up next to me. It stopped for just a fraction of a second then buzzz, it became louder, I look over and see some young kid in a riced out blue civic. He was revving his engine at me! I looked over at my wife kinda confused , was this kid serious? He sped up and cut in and out of traffic. As my turn approached, I suggested to my wife that I miss it and teach this kid a lesson, without hesitation she said" catch him". I layed the pedal down and weaved through traffic, we pulled up next to each other when the american muscle gods shined down... A red light. I began to build a little boost, I could hear the honda revving in the far lane -- a car between us -- i could hear the couple one car over in their excited conversation as to what was about to take place. I swear that light was about an hour long, the light turned green but I had a I]super slow[/ reaction time, due to little practice. The kid jumped out in front -- way in front -- he obviously has done this many times before. I think to myself come on second, Second hits and the gap is shortening fast. I could see the kid wrestling his gears trying to coax some extra horses out of his little buzzer ...not tonight. I zoom past him and just keep pulling until my wife tells me to slow down. We were both giggling at the whoopin' we just handed the kid. I slow down as he approaches, he yells " you got me that time. " I give him the thumbs up and head home. One problem with smokin' rice, I still can't get the stupid :D off my face. :p
Great kill, especially when your wife tells ya to smoke 'em! :D