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All right guys....the folks in the turbo lounge either don't know much about turbo cars or they are too snot nosed to help us rookies....:D

With that being said. I'm looking to purchase a new 3" SS down pipe. I've got a new TE 44 and looking at John Craig and Terry Houston down pipes. Wondering which one is best or for that matter is there another vendor I should know about.

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We use the ATR 3" ss downpipe all the time. Works great ,it is designed just like the T.H. pipe and performs the same and actually clears the frame better. We have them on sale right now for $399.00 complete. (reg $466.00). if interested contact www.aggressiveauto.com or (586)771-9122
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There is only one member in our club that runs the **R DP. In and out 300 times due to sticking WG pucks. The rest of us run THDP and never have had a problem. The dents people refer to are when you install a $400 DP in a car with $9 made in India motor mounts, or original ones :eek: They don't call the Houston the best of the best for nothin'. Save thirty-nine bucks on the A** up front, and give it back twice to UPS later when you have to return it 4 times and it's still FUBAR.
Just my humble, yet advertised opinion.
I can comment on the THDP but not the ATR. Mine is a good, the puck could be better, but it works fine. I got mine from fullthrottlespeed for 399 with test pipe.

I have an ATR DP and the fit is very good. The THDP will probably fit well also. I did leave the mounting bolts a little loose and then tightened the bolts after centering the DP between the firewall, AC box and control arm (leaving equal space between the three points). Don't try to install the catalyst (or dump) until the DP is centered and the mounting bolts are tightened. Additionally, ATR explained that the sticking puck issue was due to the use of an adjustable WG rod. Apparently using an adjustable WG rod distorts the puck arm and ATR recommends using their boost control valve. People may complain that this due to a design flaw, but it is their product. So IMHO, if you choose to use their product, you should follow their recommendations. I don't have an adjustable WG rod on my turbo and if I choose to make boost changes, I would order an ATR boost control valve (or make my own). I also have never encountered a sticking puck issue.
The bottom line is the ATR pipe does fit better,and what ever problems they had with their pipe was fixed a long time ago. They both perform the same. We have not had any issues with their product in a long time.
So, ATR actually admitted that there is a problem with the puck sticking?!?! Thats news to me. Seems kinda weird that they don't want you to use an adjustable WG rod cuz it causes problems, but I've never heard of one person having problems with the THDP. Might also look at the Mease Downpipe too. Heard nothing but good reviews and he uses quality materials. Just make sure you buy it through a good buick vendor.
Let me restate: ATR (in a telephone conversation, prior to purchase) claimed that a sticking puck issue MAY occur if you use an adjustable WG rod and we recommend using our WG control valve if you want to adjust boost. And as stated previously, it is their product and their recommendation. If you choose to use their product, it would probably be wise to follow their recommendations. I have an ATR DP and am very satisfied with my ATR DP (I chose it instead of the THDP and I have my own reasons). Additionally, ATR's customer service and product quality has always been tops to me. This should not become a sounding board for ATR DP problems, it should provide the poster with enough information to make an informed decision. I will stand by my decision to purchase an ATR DP and have not encountered a sticking puck issue. Aggressive Performance has a deal going on right now and if you choose an ATR DP, you should consider them (after you have decided which DP to use).
I agree it shouldn't be a sounding board for ATR downpipe problems, but if the guy wants to make an informed decision, he needs to know hat a lot of people have had problems with the puck sticking, and that for the longest time ATR denied having such a problem.