Driver Side Front Bumper Filler


Mar 9, 2009
Hey need a driver's side front bumper filler. Dont car what the paint looks like as long as the material is not cracked or brittle. Aftermarket, NOS, used, etc. Just let me know what you got. Need pretty soon as the car is in the paint booth and need it quickly. If your close in Ocala, fl that would be good i could pick it up from you. If not we can ship it. Thanks
Thanks but all the other 3 are after market so I dont really want to spend that much, hold what you got for those guys with nicer cars, lol thanks though
I have 1 new driver side ABS filler. I had some one in quire about that & the set of rears. I'lle-mail them & se if they still want it. If not I can sell you a new ABS if your interested. They stopped splitting the fillers up last year.