driveshaft slip yoke 1350


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I'm having a local shop build a new driveshaft with 1350 size u joints and am looking into the best option for a slip yoke. They suggest chromoly and to use Spicer or Sonnax(that's what they supply if you don't provide one). Is there any benefit of going with a longer insert that will engage more of the transmissions output shaft or is the stock length yoke adequate? Plans are for a 3" steel shaft with 1350 non greaseable u joints and said I wanted it built for 1000HP so it'll never be a concern. I'm running a QP 9" rear so I've got a 28 spline billet steel pinion yoke on the way in 1350 size(rear end had a 1330 on it). This is the trans yoke I was looking at. Trans yoke