Drops of water coming out of exhaust


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Motor was rebuilt only has about 1000 miles on it, and has not seen more than 10lbs boost. Thinking the head gasket is leaking, have not retorqued the head bolts back down. Would this be worth trying, also could I run a compression check on the cylinders can this show me if the gasket is leaking? Any suggestions?
Cold motor, hot exhaust.....where else is the condensation going to go?

Unless there's coolant in it, I wouldn't worry. Perfectly normal and usually a sign of a good running motor.
water is a product of the unburnt hydrocarbons, when passed through the catalytic converter they are oxidized to CO2 and H2O.

I'd doubt it's a blown head gasket.
Thanks was just wondering because I heard you were supposed to retorque heads after they have been heat cycled a few times. Getting my scanmaster in the next few days was planning on turning up the boost a little didn't know if I should retorque or not.
have you gotten the car up to temp for an extended period of time yet? like a 20 mile cruise?
if not, then it's probably just normal condensation from the hot exhaust gasses passing thru the cold exhaust pipe.
For every gallon of gasoline you burn (@14.7:1 A/F ratio) you produce 1 gallon of water. plan and simple. Keep am eye on it. It'll go away after it warms up. When the exhaust system is cold, the water vapor (produced during the combustion process, see above) turns to actual water, (from steam) and condensates on the pipe walls. Then enough water droplets form and then get blown out the tail pipe. It will stay in a vaporous form once the car heats up and all the pipes are up to temp, and the steam will go away. Ever notice cars steaming on cold days in traffic? That's because it takes longer for the tubing to reach tempurature, allowing the vapor to stay in a vaporous state.