DS in Windows XP

how do you install Direct Scan in windows XP?

To the best of my knowledge, you can't successfully use DS under Windows NT/2000/XP. Since I've never used DS personally, I can only assume that it has the same programming limitations that Turbo-Link v2.13 and older have. Windows NT/2000/XP don't allow the programs to get direct control over the hardware, so I think the program has to be re-written (or compiled, not sure) to make it play nice with NT/2000/XP. I'm pretty sure that you could install the software (I think Turbo-Link would install under NT/2000/XP), but it won't actually communicate with the ECM.

I could be way off here, but I think that the gist of it.
Unfortunely true

I have T'Link. And XP, nt programs.Have been able to
get the NT to take it.But won't communicate.

Ken Mosher answered this a few weeks ago. As for
Direc Scan.I don't know. But I'm not giving up.

Use what the company's suggest.Got a new laptop for Christmas.

Try right-clicking on the DS executable file and select Properties. In there, it will let you run the DS software in DOS compatibility mode. This should allow all your DOS-based programs like DS and TL to work as they are designed to.
On my wife's XP machine, W95 is as far back as the the compatibility options go... there is no DOS option.

LinearX is right. NT/2000/XP do not allow direct hardware writes.
That's why they (hmm) are more stable than the 95 and 98 version.

DS would have to be coded to use an XP driver in order to use the parallel port.
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OK, thanks.


Just set your machine up to "dual boot" and have the other system as WIN98. Booting into win98 will allow DS to run just fine.

Actually all you need is DOS boot floppy. However, if you boot to the floppy you won't be able to save DS runs to the hard disk if they are formatted NTFS like NT, Win2k, and XP like to do.

If you guys really need it I can make a program availabe, you just download, pop a floppy in the drive, and run this program. Is anyone interested??