Duttweiler Performance FMIC Intercooler!!


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May 27, 2010
You read that right an original front mount intercooler from the 90’s 5” core with 2-1/2” pipes. Absolutely nothing wrong with it still in great shape! $400 plus you pay for the ride! Box is large and be prepared to spend $65-$90 for shipping just a guesstimate!
It’s legit! The ESP front mount was basically copied from this one design.
I know this site probably lost most of the old pictures from 20yrs ago. These were over a grand back in the day.
sure does look like the ESP front mount from the Perri brothers John and Tony from Pottstown, PA. nice bumper sticker though.

yup, their part # TUR001 list price $1030 way back then. if you paid $100 annually to be a member of their "FEEL THE POWER CLUB" the front mount kit was reduced to $930 for club members.

the gn ttype site has the old pics...link below....

the end tanks look very similar
esp had angled outlet on driverside , also used a sparco core (you can see the flat square core in pic at gnttype )
, the one here for sale has straight outlets and looks like a Garrett core
either way well worth the price
This is a duttweiler intercooler or at least it looks just like the one I had . In 2003 I bought one off eBay for $700 and my engine builder Scott Bowen called duttweiler to get the measurements for the pipes and fitting. The woman at duttweiler asked where he got it and told him they only made a handful of them. Wished I would have kept it This is only the second one I’ve seen since.
These definitely werent mass produced and expensive to make with the tube/fin core, thats a 2k piece to make today