like new take off performance parts, FMIC, DP, Torque converts, Adjustable fuel gauge, valve covers and tach


Drive it like you stole it
Apr 17, 2010
Parts pricing does not include cost of shipping in continental USA.

2 Precision Industries Vigilante torque converters. First one is # 30887P made in 2011, set up for 400HP 2600-2800 stall, 5 Disc lock up. Second one is # 65510P made in 2013, also set up for 400HP but a 2800 stall, 5 Disc lock up. Todd at Precision said that first torque is a bit of a tighter stall. To re-fresh these torque converters at Precision with new stalls runs $262.50 plus shipping. If you did this you would have a new torque converter for a little over half the price of a new one which costs $1025.00 plus tax and shipping. I'd be willing to ship to Precision for you instead of shipping to you and then you ship back out to Precision or you can use either torque converter as is, your call. Price is $450.00 for either one plus shipping to continental US

2 GN-1 valve covers, black, that work for stock or roller lifters $200

Brand new autometer Ultra-Lite sport comp tachometer 0-8000 RPM silver 3 3/4" face, $200 at summit, $100

GN1 Extreme Front Mount intercooler 3" inlet and outlet in great shape with all the hoses and clamps like new $450

3" SS downpipe with external wastegate and boost controller, has a bung for 02 sensor $450

Accufab adjustable fuel regulator, like new $90








any serious about the parts or just my wife legs and sandels:unsure:
Still up for grabs
Adjustable Regulator $90
3" downpipe with wastegate and boost controller $450
GN1 black taller valve covers for roller rockers $200
Vigilante Torque Convertors (2) $450 a piece
If you look at the gn1 performance page you will see the exact downpipe with the external wastegate the only thing extra, mine has is the bung for the O2 sensor and they're asking 570 new for it. It is the exact same downpipe and wastegate
R U there turbonut85? Did you check the 570 dollar GN 1 downpipe against mine
Steve C