Easiest Way to Determine Build Date?


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I see a lot of members post the month that their cars were built - what's the easiest way to determine this? Can the sequence number of the VIN provide this information?
I've seen dates coded on items like the shifter and on assembly decals on other G-bodies, but haven't seen anything on my GN yet.
Thanks for the help.
The last 6 digits of the vin will give you a general idea if you were an early or late build but for the specific date the sticker on the driver's door that also displays GVW has the month/year listed as well. Any build sheets you find under the rear seat or in the driver's door will have the same information and I think they will also have the particular day of the month too but I might be wrong about that.
I have heard that GM did not build our cars in sequentual order due to the way the Pontiac MI assembly line was layed out? The way the cars were made was the body was built over in Flint and trucked(railed?) a couple of miles to Pontiac where it was stored on the fourth floor until it was ready to be mated with the frame and powertrain. I have never been able to confirm this but from the many of TR's I have had the numbers weren't to far off. This is of course on the cars that I could read the build date on the door tag because after a few years some of them become faded. If you look at the metal tag located on the cowl you will see another 6 digit number that is different than the VIN. I have been told this is the body number but than again I have never confirmed they built the bodies in any type of order either.

Eric Fisher
Thats good you found the number. I forgot to add if you take the door trim panels off you might find a build sheet for the trim and interior that will narrow down the exact day. Usually in the drivers door taped to the back of the trim. I dont have the figures handy but you might want to check the facts and figures book as I think the 2nd or 3rd week in May is when they shut down TR production until a couple of months later when they cranked out the last 1000 OR 1500 GN's. You might have one of the last ones made?

Eric Fisher