Eastwood paint for throttle body?


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May 29, 2001
Has anyone tried this silver carb paint from Eastwood on their throttle body? I want to make my throttle body nice because I just polished my plenum.
If not the Eastwood paint, has anyone found anything else that might work?
I've used (and will ONLY use) Eastwood's aerosol Aluma-Blast on the throttle body. 3 coats, then a clearcoat of your choice from Wal-Mart, and it's show-quality.

I also use Eastwood's Aluma-Blast on all of the other aluminum underhood pieces. Intake, plenum, accessory bracket, etc.

More expensive, but second to none. Good luck.
Cool, I'll give it a shot. It did seem pricey that's why I figured I'd ask. Eastwood does have a reputation for good stuff though. Thanks a lot