ECM Module fuse blowing HELP


Dec 10, 2003
Hey all i am having a slight issue tracking down this problem. The ECM Solenoid fuse keeps blowing. It is a 15 amp, I tried replacing it without any luck (went as high as 30). Everytime I turn the key is pops. It is always hot for some reason also, even with the ecm unplugged.

Also after i start the car ad try to drive it the waste gate solenoid code (31) comes on, I thought that was blowing the fuse but now I'm just plain lost.
Use the proper fuse only!!!!

Unplug the tranny wiring under the car in the drivers side of the tranny.

Do the same key test and see if it pops the fuse.

All the solenoids are on that circuit.

You have no A/C either but probably don't need it. ;)

Could be shorted TCC wiring inside the tranny.

An easy quick test.

Other solenoids and wiring to look at include the canister purge one and EGR one.
I've getting the same fuse blowing... Seems to blow either during boost or after the car stops and the fan is running.