ECM Swap problem (part II)


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In previous thread I explained swapping my 84 ecm wiht the 86 computer with 84 cal pak (#16036504) and a chip burned for my combo. I added the mat sensor and left the 84 maf on it. It started ran alright, but I would get knock at 10-12 pounds of boost as compared to the 13-15 pounds on the old set up. As suggested by several, I swapped out my 84 maf with the one out of my 87 and got ready to go to the races. On the way I realized that I am now getting knock from 5-8 pounds of boost. After 15 minutes of driving it didn't change. So I canceled my trip to the track and got a bite to eat. Afterward I got on it a few times and it looked like it was getting some boost without the knock. I thinking that the computer finally figured things out. At the next stop light it quit running and would not start. So I left it and came home.
Sorry this is so long, Any ideas?
Found out problem. Car quit because it blew a fuse for the trigger wire to the hot wired fuel pump. Put the computer on from the 87 on and it cured the problem.