Ecm Swap problem


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May 31, 2001
I converted my 84 to an 86 ecm from the junk yard. I got one of the numbers recommended on the tech page. I added a mat sensor, still have the 84 maf sensor. I had Red Armstrong burn a 93 octane chip for my set up (see sig). And I put in my original cal pac from the 84. On the 84 set up I would get knock at about 14 to 15 psi without race fuel. And now I get knock at 10 to 12 with the new ecm and chip. On the turbo link set at 86 ecm. The numbers jump up and down every second or two. Even the mph every 5 to 10 seconds. It also doesn't start as easy.
Any Ideas??
Dont you need the right number module to , do you know if its the right one.
Try a different chip...I didn't know that Red could burn a chip for the 86/7 ecm using the 84/5 MAF...I've only heard of Jay Carter and Joe Lubrant doing them...Get with Jay C...Tell him your exact combination(turbo/injs/MAF, etc) and have him burn you a low timing chip...

When my car was still hotair, I bought a chip off of the TurboTrader...Was a Jay Carter street chip set up for an intercooled GN...I could still get about 16# boost out of it with a little knock and routinely had it at 20#+ while at the track on race gas...

I believe Red uses a little bit more aggressive timing curve than some of the other chip guru's...Some cars just don't like them...
Definately look at going to the 86/87 Maf - makes a big difference. Perfect time to look at a Translator.....
All right guys,
I'll hit you all at once. What do you mean by module? The ecm is a 1227148.
So it sounds like the 84 maf has to go. I thought I read that someone kept there 84 maf, but just swapped the cal pac. I'll check with Red, since I actually didn't get to talk to him on the order, to see if it was right. Any advice where to get 87? Does it swap right out? If so what would I use for the cal pac? I would like to go translator, but I need to decide which one of these cars I'm going to keep.
Thanks again
I run the 85 coil pac with the 87 ecm, chip and maf and its great. You should find a 87 maf and i bet it will run alot better.
Definately get the 87 MAF. The 84 and 87 MAFs are calibrated differently. They are a direct plug in.
An 87 maf it will be. I finally just got the 87GN running, with some new injectors, fuel pump and a few other basics. So I got something to drive till I get an 87 maf on the 84 GN. It sure is nice having two of these. To bad my 18 year old daughter doesn't care for them. I had to get her an Eclipse. So I guess one of mine will have to go.
Thanks guys,
I really dont know what it is with girls. They all wanna drive V6 mustangs or mitsushishis. Oh, and mark my words, she will get a fuzzy steering wheel cover and or big fuzzy dice to hang from the mirror too.
You go girl!!!! Those are good times, too!! Now I shouldn't make any jokes about girls and hot air, should I?

BTW, No fuzzy dice yet. Just a mirror disco ball.
And you can expect a lot better times this year if all goes well with the set up. Those times were with a faulty tranny, valve body wasn't set up properly. Should be posting some times later this month.