Edash Rev limit setting issue

turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
Have XFI 2.05 with current B9 firmware E dash seems to work fine except it doesn't reflect the rev limits I have set in the tune/parameters in XFI box.
I called Comp/FASTs hotline and they couldn't give a answer and are going to ask a engineer (he was out of office at time of call) what the latest E dash firmware/software should be. Spoke with Cal and he hasnt seen/heard of it.
The edash reboots like normal when going connecting laptop to xfi, accessing fuel and timing tables as it always has. I dont normally set them or change the rev limits with the edash since its set where I want it. I just happen to be poking around the various screens waiting for the engine to warm up and saw the rev limiters on the edash way different than my tune. Anyone? Maybe someone could check theres and see. Thanks
Figured it out..... The rev limits on the edash are for launch/2 step not your engine fuel and or ign cuts