egr block & filling egr/heat riser passages in heads

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trying to get everything squared away to get the brick back together, got my chip & injectors from turbotweak, and since egr function is disabled, no reason to have the egr valve in the way anymore. which vendors have a block off plate for this...(or i may just make one, it probably wouldn't take 30 min)
the next question is since there will be no egr valve, no need to have that hot exhaust running through the manifold either, so i'm gonna fill the heat riser passages in the head which is no big deal, my question is does not having the heat in the manifold cause any cold start/ or parked outside all day in winter, or cold idleing problems, i can't imagine it will but just curious to those who have been there done thats experience with this.
There is no heat crossover in the manifold. Only the egr circuit that flows along the base and up the front of the inner intake. Filling the passages in the heads and smoothing the bowl area will increase the flow a little. Other than what i stated there is little gain. The exhaust does not flow through the intake beyond the area where the block off plate will be bolted on anyway.
right, i realize this i guess if i fill the heads wouldn't even need a block off plate except to keep junk out of the holes
If you use a FelPro 1200 intake gasket the passages will be blocked off . There is also a older style Felpro intake gasket with the valley pan/tub that was used on older NA engines that has the passages block off as well . if you perfer to use that type of intake gasket instead of the 1200's . not sure of the part number or if it's still available .