EGR Delete Question


Hi been reading up here for a while gathereing the wealth of knowledge, and finally now my first post. I am installing new new injectors and a TT chip and wanted to remove the EGR on my car to clean up the engine bay a little. My question is if I remove the EGR valve, can I also remove the "neck" that bolts to the intake (under the EGR) and curves around to the rear of the intake? I would put a plate on the intake where the EGR came from and a threaded plug into the hole on the rear of the intake. Thanks!
I just blocked mine while installing a tt chip and new injectors. Seems to be fine I don't think there would be any difference if you got rid of the pipe .
Yea i would definately be interested to see your setup and hear about any gains. Did you get a check engine light or anything?
Im doin the same. What I need to know is what is the thread size for plug? I saw it on gbodyparts and they said it was custom threads. I find that hard to believe.

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