Egr ???


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Jun 6, 2001

I'm installing a Power Plate for a friend. There are no plans to drill a hole in it to accommodate EGR. Can I eliminate the EGR solenoid, tubing, etc., leave the EGR solenoid connector dangling, and cap the appropriate tubing connections, or will the thing throw a code and hell otherwise freeze over?

It will throw a code if you don't plug the solenoid in unless you have a chip that doesn't look at the EGR.
My old grey car had the EGR completely removed and vacuum lines rerouted. Never threw a code and I had, at the time, used 7 different vendors chips until I switched over to a FAST system. Those chips were, ATR, Modern Muscle, Eastern, Caspers, Lubrant, Red Armstrong, and Conley. Circa '94-'99.

My old white Limited also had the EGR completely removed and vacuum lines rerouted. Also never threw a code and I used 3 different vendors chips. (Circa '99) Red Armstrong, Modern Musclecar and Lubrant chips.

Some say it will throw a code, and some say it won't. But I can tell you that not only on my two old cars did it not throw a code, but the other 8-9 customers/friends cars that we took the EGR off of, did not throw a code either. It has to be more than luck I would think.
Just my O2s worth.

its not luck its a change made to the stock chip program , stock will throw a code

on modern chips unplugging it will result in no code but if the egr solenoid is defective even and left plugged in it will throw a code

be aware thet the vac lines to the egr circuits also feed the HVAC and cruise so if you still have those then you need to be sure to reconnect the lines so as to keep them hook up and be sure the vac check valve is operational ,