Electric Vacuum Pumps For Crankcase Pressure, What's Out There Over 5"?


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Dec 15, 2002
I have enough vacuum draw data for electric vacuum pumps to assist brakes, but these pumps draw way too much vacuum for the crankcase and potential issues with piston rings.

I'm finding very little info on real vacuum data
Electric vacuum pump
Draws vacuum in the range of 8 to 14" aka 4-7psi I guess.


A couple seem possible off Ford Cobras, another one is a Dorman pump but really all other posts online don't offer details into the vacuum draw.

Most electric pumps seem to be 2-5" draw.
8-14" of vacuum appears to be the safest range that gives the best power and least potential ring issue.

I plan on using Holley HP to turn on the pump so there isn't constant running.

What's out there?

FWIW, this isn't for my GN.
I use the turbo to create some vacuum at WOT through a catch can but sucking through the PCV valve on the GN. Like OEM but through the valve cover and I have a catch can.