Electronic Speedometer



Need some help again....maybe someone has some experience with this? I have an injected 69 Pro Street Camaro with a Speed Pro computer. I recently modified a 97 Camaro dash to fit and want to use the 97 instruments (Tach,Speedo,Oil,Water,Volt,Fuel). The back of the Instrument Cluster has one 34 Male Pin Connection for the wiring harness. I have the cut up harness from the wrecked 97 Z-28 camaro. What do I do to interface the old style mechanical speedo cable coming from my Richmond 5-Speed with the 34 Pin Connector which inputs info from the Vehicle Speed Sensor? I know Dakota Digital sells some type of electronic signal interface but can it be done with the Speed Pro? I am a bit of a Rookie so maybe someone could recommend a book or Website so I can get a better handle on this?
The speedpro pays no attention to MPH. The only speed that the Speedpro is interested in is engine RPM.
I thought your question was regarding how to make the speedometer work with the richmond trans. Autometer has a electrical sender for use with thier new electric guages. It might work with your 97 guages since the 97 vehicles I think used an electrical signal sent to the speedo to show speed.
Thanks F-Body! The Electronic Speedo is the part that has me confused...I'll check on the Auto Meter. I was under the impression that the data that the speedo reads is in Pulses Per Mile, hence I was hoping the Speed Pro could "see" that and could translate the data to the Speedo.