emblem on intake manifold


Feb 26, 2002
Does anyone have a good emblem that goes on top the intake manifold for sale? Or know where to get one?


I used to have an extra. Let me look tomorrow. Email me your address and if I still have it I will send it out. Not sure what shape it is in but should be fair or I would have tossed it.
That emblem was also used on the FWD 3.8 FI motors. Most said seq.port fuel injection but a lot had the same power 6 emblem. Look for 1985 to 1987 Buick Century and Olds Cierra. Be careful as these are really glued down and its real easy to chip and crack the enameling.

Eric Fisher
I have an N.O.S. emblem

$20 shipped

let me know if you want it, I purchased 2 of these a few years ago and only needed one.
Thanks Chad,

Please send me your address and i'll get a money order out to you...or a paypal if you take it.