endlinks (would like to kill original owner)


May 15, 2007
Well I’m still resurrecting this TTA and am now working on some of the suspension. I ordered new Spohn A-arms, endlinks, and steering rebuild kit, now after researching it appears that the enlink sleeves should be longer than what I have on my car. They are actually about a quarter inch shorter and the overall rod bolt is about 1” shorter as well could any one get the actual sleeve length for me??

Additionally the sway bar isn’t lining up the new mount location on the new A-arms I would love a dimension from eyelet to eyelet if possible TIA
Just thinking.. go to Advance or Autozone and buy some links for an 89 GTA.. they're all the same.
I thought ours were shorter due to the intercooler and spacer on the sway bar??

BTW kit goes in this week thanks again razor look like a killer product oh and the overflow bottle showed the same day i called :D