Engine Coolant. What you running?

Distilled water and Redline Water Wetter. RMI to clean out the crusties.
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Distilled water and Redline Water Wetter. RMI to clean out the crusties.

Bo, I do not want to step on your toes, but Red Line is not a complete additive for radiators as it a primarily a surficant to reduce surface tension between the water and the metal to transfer heat. It will erode the solder in the radiator unless another additive is used. Not an opinion, but actual from experience.

RMI is a complete package for protection, keeping the system clean, and it also contains a surificant, so Red Line is not needed.

RMI is the only complete radiator additive for protection, and will balance PH in the system to prevent electrolysis and corrosion, and it is also the only additive that will clean the cooling system w/o acidic or caustic elements.

In the early 90's I dealt with the owner of RMI, and also visited with Red Line owners who were originally with RMI and started their own company.

RMI back then had no presence in the speciality world, so it was a pleasure to work with them as their first distributor.

The new owner of RMI is a great guy, and owns a GN!
No broken toes here nick. I use the water wetter and RMI together. I have found the WW to actually reduce temps greater than the RMI, but the RMI cleans the radiator like no other. I did my testing in Florida heat years ago and never looked back. Back to back testing was 10 degrees cooler with ww.
Ok I know this is an old post. Stored my car for the winter and looking ahead to spring. I know it’s a long way down the road. Buying a few things here and there to do the spring cleaning. New plugs new wires, oil the whole nine yards. So I got wind of Evans Waterless coolant and from what I read I can’t seem to find the negatives other than the Price. I did read here in the forum about the Evans not providing enough lubricant to the bearing like old fashion antifreeze. Is it true? Anyone running Evans ? Pros cons? Worth it? Any input appreciated.
I read good things about Evans. Only drawback I recall was that if you have to add coolant, it must be Evans, which could be inconvenient if you are away from home. I guess you could carry a gallon in the trunk.
RMI-25 treatment is $10, Evans $$?

A local friend has a 2003 Hemi pick-up and has added a bottle a year since new, and never changed the factory coolant and no issues with the cooling system.

Antifreeze is glycol and will never go bad, but the expensive stuff, additives, will last maybe a year?
Prestone Extended life is what I use now, good for 5 years, I change it out every 4.

Daily driven every winter.

I use the full strength stuff not the 50/50 and tap water, Alradco radiator.
I have the Evans NPG+ (at the time). Did not cost me anything as the conversion to the Evans product was part of the GM High Tech Performance mag article.

Jay Leno discussed Evans in this 2012 youtube segment

I know for street rods, resto-mods and rat rods running big block chevy engines with compression ratios of 12:1 or greater shoe-horned into an engine bay where there is no airflow, the Evans coolant makes a big difference in eliminating the pinging.

Evans is propylene glycol + additives while regular antifreeze is ethylene glycol + additives. Evans is waterless.

but our turbobuick crowd won't pay $46 gal for prep fluid (X 3) and the same for 4 or 5 gal of coolant - to have some extra on hand.
Evans is propylene glycol + additives while regular antifreeze is ethylene glycol + additives. Evans is waterless.


Is it really???? That fancy schamcy high tech stuff is just propylene glycol???

If anybody needs some of that rocket science, it's a Wal*Mart in the RV section. It's for keeping the water pipes unfrozen over the winter. ....for less than $3.


Personally, I run 20% green and 80% of whatever comes out of my garden hose (and a GM seal tab) in all my cars. I always have old antifreeze jugs so when I buy a new one, I spread it out across 4 used jugs and top them off with water. A quick piece of masking taped labelled ''20%'' keeps me in coolant for quite a while.

If there's any extra, cut the side out of one, and it makes an excellent catch can for under the oil filter while it drips.

Don't buy the 50/50. The full strengh is only $1 more and you don't get a half gallon of water.
Thanks guys for the input. My concern isn’t either the temp ratings of either the conventional coolant or the higher temp rating of Evans. What my biggest interest in the Evans is the non corrosion factor. Since the car is stored 6-7 months here in Chicago and rarely driven only on Sunny days. Since the car sits a lot I am concerned about corrosion’s nd flushing it every year or two. With the Evans according to the marketing I don’t have to worry about it and least I hope not for 39 bucks a gallon. So we will see what i decide. Info I do decide to go with it I will report my findings if any. Thanks again guys for the input and feedback.