Engine harness when removing engine


87 T Type Wo2
Aug 12, 2007
Ok guys I am new to turbo buicks and I just bought one with a spun bearing. I started taking the engine out today and I am wondering what you do with the wiring harness. Do you unhook every component from the engine and set it aside or do you have to remove the heater pannel and take the computer end of the wiring harness out? Or am I just plain missing something here.

PS is there anything else I should watch out for pulling the motor, and am I better to take the tranny off before pulling the motor or take them out together.

Thanks Brandon.
Just set it a side. There are a bunch of connectors and I am pretty sure that each one is unique and will only go back to one sensor.
major surgery

:D Remove tranny bolts from engine. Tie the tranny up to firewall. :D Easy to do unless you have the front end off the car. In that case pull 'em together...
Just zip-tie the harness to something on the drivers side out of the way...also zip-tie the harness...at the middle of the firewall...to the hood bump stop...that keeps it out of the way when pulling the motor...here's a pic


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