Engine wiring harness - CCC 3.8


Aug 9, 2013
gbody engine wiring harness for a CCC carburated engine, preferably a 3.8, preferably a carbed turbo (I can dream...) but open to other stuff - 305, 307. The more wires you have, the better it is
What ECM would your harness require? I have a old regal harness, i think it is carb type.
@N2BUICK looking for a carburated wiring harness, so as close to 1983 as possible - all dressed with connectors for the MC solenoid, TPS, ESC, A.I.R. stuff, EGR valves...
I'll look at the harness i have. It does have an ECU ,about the size of a ECU for a 84,85,86,87, just fyi
Ok, not sure what the 84-87 ECUs look like compared to a 83. On the image below is similar to what I need - connectors #2/3 are those for the ECU, #1 is the interconnect to the dash.