ESC/Distributor Queston


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Oct 29, 2002
I purchased a distributor with the four wires that go to the ESC and a '78-'79 ESC seperately. The problem is, the wire colors on the distributor don't match the wires on the ESC, and all the diagrams show hook-ups by color. If anybody with a '78-'80 car could pull off the distributor cap and tell me which wire colors (white, green, brown, black) correspond to which pins on the 7-pin module, I would really appreciate it. The pins are lettered B, R, E, N and P, with B being the one closest to the outside, R being next most outboard, E being next, and N being most inboard of the four wires that go to the ESC. Thanks for all the help!

Never mind... wrong distributor. Have to send it back and get the right one from NAPA.