Exhaust clamps or bands?


Lone Wolf
Getting the ATR 2.5 dual stainless system in two weeks. It comes with the typical pipe crushing U-clamps.

Question....have any of you used the strap band type of clamps? If so do you recommend them?
When I had my ATR SS 2.5 system installed, I used the stainless band clamps so the pipes wouldn't crimp. No leaks and nothing's moved. Would recommend them.

They'll fit right around the pipe. You can crimp them down 'til you see the indentation from where the pipes join. I got mine from Summit. 2 1/2" for 2 1/2"...3" for 3".
stainless band clamps are the only way to fly. they make a good seal but wont crimp your pipes so disassembly & removal is MUCH easier. you should be able to get them at a local parts store. i got mine locally at a NAPA. good luck, aaron
I use them on everything. I purchase the clamps from a big truck parts store. ie. Freightliner etc. They work great.
The really slick type of band clamp is Torc-tite (http://www.torcausa.com/TorcTite.htm) , since it has a pre-formed "step" to fit securely on both the male pipe and female socket of an exhaust system.

However , I am having a tough time finding them locally in stainless ... the big-rig Freightliner & Peterbilt truck centers only have clamps in larger 4-55-6" sizes. My local NAPA seems inept, or unwilling, to track down the Torctites in the samller sizes. :(
got em

Thanks all. I went with band clamps from Summit. They were 8.50 a piece. I forgot to get a second 3" one for my two-piece DP so I picked one up at the local parts store.

Yikes...they charged 13 bucks for it! Oh well...if I had added shipping for just one from summit it would have been almost the same.

Look great. Can't wait to put them on. I especially look forward to the one at the top of my Poston's DP. It will be nice to not see the two ends of the U clamp sticking out and I suspect the band clamp will seal much better.

I can take a picture of the DP and band clamp when installed if anyone wants to see it
Be cautioned that band clamps don't have the bite of a regular clamp and that components may tend to rotate in them with time. It is surely nice to be able to separate them, tho. :)
I will keep an eye on the muffs. The instructions say to crank the bolts to 70 foot pounds. I hope that holds them.

Steve - my sister lives in La Porte....is that close to you?
What you can do to keep them really sealed, so after years they won't shift/rotate is to get "Muffler Seal." It's been years since I bought the tube, I think that was the name, it still has kept my joinings sealed.

You can put some on the pipes (about 1/2" inside the tips) and under the clamp. It's almost like a ceramic when it dries. In fact, it may be a ceramic???

My brother had to take his system down (he used the same stuff) and he said that he just gently tapped around the pipe and it chipped off. He said the pipes separated without a problem. HTH
Picked up my exhaust today...looks sweet.

Question on the band clamps: I got them from Summit and there is a small pice of black tar or goo inside the clamps. I assume this is to hold them to the pipes?

Am I correct and if so where do I put the tar stuff....just leave it on the clamp where it is? Does heat affect it?
I took a chance, not knowing for sure, if heat would effect it and put some of the tar stuff on each side of the inside of the clamp! I also used some of that muffler goo-foo.

It seems to have worked OK! :)