exhaust leak in DP


Nov 14, 2003
I have one of those not so great poston 3" DP's which has a leak where the two pieces connect. This is AFTER where the O2 sensor reads.I know this should be corrected, but the question is:
will this help the car to pass emissions or not make a difference either way?
I am about to install 50 lb injectors because the originals at 110,000 miles seem to be leaky and the car is a bit rich.Emissions is not til June and the car passed two years ago no problem.Should I worry about the 50 lb injectors or if I get the proper chip it will be okay. I don't want to weld this leak too soon because when I get a good DP it will be a bitch to get off....

anyones .02 appreciated
The extra oxygen from the exhaust leak may promote oxidation in the reduction bed of the catalyst. Then instead of trying to douse combustion (which is what happens in the reduction bed), HC and CO will burn and possibly raise NOx emissions. Additionally, the added oxygen may cause the cat to melt down as the catalyst action cannot be controlled.
Thanks for the info.....I guess its good the cat is not on the car right now.....I'll make sure to fix the leak before I bolt it back on and go through the smog check.....:cool:
And the 50's with almost anyone's closed loop 93 octane street chip should do just fine, with your normal fuel pressure.