Exhaust manifold set


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Nov 29, 2010
We are a medium sized repair shop in eastern NC and we are rebuilding a 1983 regal 3.8 turbo for a customer. All is going well EXCEPT his exhaust headers have been welded so many times there is nothing left but weld. We need a set of exhaust manifolds or a header set. We've tried every venue we could think of and the best we came up with is a single left side manifold. Needless to say, that isn't enough. Hooker used to make a header set, but they quit and no set seems to be available.
If anyone can help we are willing to pay a reasonable price for a reasonable solution!

I got a used set of hooker headers/downpipe/crossover for an 87' GN..make an offer. They are in rough condition, one header has been rewelded cause of a leak.