Exhaust System Advice


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Oct 31, 2007
Seeking advice on a replacement high performance exhaust system.

2.5" dual?

3" dual?

3" RJC?


Does the 3" dual provide as significant improvement over the 2.5" system? Are there any fitment problems with rear suspension components, etc?

How well does the RJC system perform?

Is there another system I should consider?

What about the type of steel used? I see a few different types of mild & stainless steel available.

Looking for a fairly quiet system with no or very mild drone. Capable of low 10 second or better performance through the mufflers.

I have a 3" down pipe ready to install also.



I think if I had a 3 inch downpipe id try to go with dual 3's but I don't know hw it would fit , no harm in 2.5's or real loss in them as it equals 5 in the long run , I have looked at the straight shot 3 inch from rjc into the same style separator muffler like original , sounds real nice , a tough decision
I think fitment issues would be the deal breaker
Fitment, quality, sound, budget, performance all play a role in the decision, so it helps to understand what combination and order of priority you are looking for.
something quiet .. no drone .. tuff to answer. NO single 3".. We have used a dual 3" since the 90s. Really not that quiet and it does drone. We tried just about every muffler out there. Best we could do were the Dyno Max's. We used a dump tube once to see if we picked up anything with the exhaust open.. NOTHING gained. So I guess your down to a 2 1/2" system.. SS is pricey but lasts. Aluminized worked great to.

.. If you are young an foolish a single 3" might be good for ya. We ran a single 3" for years in some of our other cars. Throw the radio away won't hear it anyway. Want to have some fun. Go down a side street at 2 AM an listen to all the car alarms goin off as ya drive by. :cool:
I just put on the GN1 polished 3 inch stainless system from Full Throttle.Looks and sounds fantastic.


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Fitment, quality, sound, budget, performance all play a role in the decision, so it helps to understand what combination and order of priority you are looking for.

What if we eliminated budget for the time being & try to balance fitment, quality, performance, followed by reasonable sound. I have a few quick & loud vehicles already. My Buick is supposed to be fairly plush.
The RJC 3" stock location muffler system fits nice, sounds good, but does have a lot of drone to it.
if I had to do again ,I have the pypes 2.5 street pro, id go with magna flow 2.5's
the race pro is actually quieter
The Pypes 2.5 system is what i would pick for a mild mannered car. Nice sound. No drone and you can run in the 10s with a 2.5" dual system with straight through turbo mufflers. My buddy went 10.50 on a ATR 2.5 dual exhaust. No dump pipe on the car.

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The pypes 2.5” or 3” system is hard to beat for the price. Great fitment. Great quality. Great sound. If I had to buy a kit, that’s what I would get. I on the other hand wanted the quietest system possible, so I built my own with two Dynomax mufflers in line. 1 DynomaxVT feeding a Dynomax Ultra Flo.

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Not sure how handy you are with a welder but I built mine (3” single) with two 24” straight through mufflers in line. Fairly quiet and not much drone. One muffler after the down pipe and the other is between the gas tank and axle. It exits after the driver side rear wheel. Mufflers, tubing, and bends were less than $200 I think from summit.

I had a 2.5” dual before the current setup.
I’ve been running the single 4” for awhile now and i don’t have any where near the drone I had with my single 3” here is a video from when I first installed it . I switched to a strait through muffler which is alil louder then the ones it comes with .