Exhuast system who needs one?

The pic on Ebay doesn't look it will be a bolt on? And how much in SS? Will this system work with my Hooker muffs? Aero chambers
If they bolot correctly to the cat, and/or Downpipe

Ya sure would, if they are the right set up. This looks like its for a SBC not our 3.8's. And Of course cost might be a factor. :D
Looking Good

Talk to them today they said they would give a group discount and they do offer stainless will hopefully have a discounted price list this evening. So keep the orders coming would like to get at least ten orders including myself. :)
Initial price list

I think this is for Aluminized I e-mail them back to be for sure but assume that it is.I will let anyone who want SS know the price when I get it. :cool:

The prices on those kits that you asked about are as follows:

2 1/2" dual----$227
3" dual --------$235
3" single------$199

I can give you and your club members 10% off. If you guys buy more than 5 kits at a time a can give you an additional 10% off.If you guys buy more than 10 kits at a time I can give 30% off. Thanks again for the interest.We hope to work with you guys soon.
If the price is right i might buy 2--1 for the we4 and one for the bigblock regal
let me know
This price is for aluminized and the price b-4 the discount so lets try and figure out who wants what I want at least ten orders in. I will then submit the order and let you guys e-mail or call in the orders mention this board when you order. We shall see how this goes I am new at this so be patient. I was just trying to get the best deal possible. Especially since exhuast systems are getting hard to come by(ATR??) so lets get'em. ;)
Is it a bolt-on exhaust system if your using the stock downpipe, I know when I just put the 3" ATR downpipe on my car I had to cut out about 8" of piping out of my hooker system to make the 3" downpipe fit, anybody else have this problem when they switched to a 3" downpipe from the stock downpipe?
Stainless For Me............

What is the price of SS 3" dual from the cat back ?
Is there anyone out the BC way to check out the fit & finish of his product ?
If all is good you can count me in on the group purchase.....