Experience with this Timing Cover

I'm kinda curious about how you measured ''too much oil'' while running a prime tool.
I could visually see the oil filling up in the valve cover area excessively. This is a TA block. Oil restrictor installed behind oil galley plug on drivers rear which is located by rear cam plug. That restrictor does limit oil to the valve train.
So the threaded npt hex plugs in the rear of the block around the cam plug. You put a restrictor on the right side?
Only if he runs a hi volume oil pump.
I still think it's better to get the volume by having less restrictions in the cover and block rather than trying to overpower the restrictions with a higher volume pump.
That way makes less parasitic HP loss and less wear and tear on the aluminum pump and drive gears that were never designed for the extra load.
I'm not aware of what it was put there to do.
I do know that some folks destroyed the cam, gears and engines when that plug fell into the chain.
A Ho Chi Min special that had a piss poor quality threaded hole was the culprit.
Don't know if they are still made or not.
Used 1000+ of those covers worked well, however your correct that plug wasnt even pipe thread. I used to deform the threads and red Loctite it in place. Memories
Any OEM dimensional drawings of the ft cover available?
It exists. Years ago I talked to the company that made the covers for GM back in the 80's. I was hoping to get the print so I could alter it with my oil mods and cast my own covers from scratch.

The answer I got was ''GM still owns the print so I can't share it''.

Next step was to put some of my NOS covers on a CMM and reverse engineer the cover.

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And for my application I did add an oil restrictor as I was getting too much oil to the top end during initial prime.
Buicks dont send a shit load of oil to the top end, you must be thinking Chevy.
And like was mentioned oil flow cant be determined by running a drill.