Extreeme Automatics "race" 200-4 for sale.


Signal 1 J-12
May 22, 2002
This total race tranny was built by Lonnie Diers and has literly 30 miles or less....never been to the track! It has EVERY billet, rollerized, and performance part available plus an electronic trans brake (Bat Brake), top of the line clutches/steels and the deep sheet metal pan w/ sump. There was absolutly NO expense spared on this $4000+ tranny! The owner had it put in his GN, drove it around the block a few times before he went to jail for almost 3 years, and the car sat in his driveway until I got it last week. It is set up for a non-lock converter. It appears that the front pump seal is leaking slightly from sitting...easy fix for a tranny guy. The tranny shifts ROCK HARD...HIGH line pressure folks! I will sell the tranny as is for $2800.00 or I can fix the pump seal and sell it for $3000.00 + shipping. I will also deliver it to Bowling Green, KY. in May for a small fee.

I'm also interested in cash + a dependable 200-4 with a TR valve body. Email me at the address below or privately here...