F.A.S.T XFI Sportsman Mounting Bracket!!

scot w.

Feb 19, 2005
"NEW" XFI Sportsman Mounting Bracket.....
These brackets are a "Multi Purpose" bracket as we have mounted the following to them: 2-Steps, XFI 2.0, XFI Sportsman, Wiring terminal blocks, Gauges... Whatever you want to hide away and still have easy access too this bracket is GREAT ! We even have a "Glove Box Removal Video" right on our site next to this product!

Our "Glove Box" mounting bracket with the "NEW" Sportsman XFI mounted to it. Easy to mount, and will come with ALL the mounting hardware and instructions..These are being sent out to have all the holes laser cut and powder-coated..Should be available in a few weeks or so. When we receive our shipment of them in these will also be available through Hartline Performance as well as directly through us..

Yes you can still use this to store registration papers and what not under the bracket.

Right now we have about 10 of these brackets without powder-coating that we can sell at $55.00 each if you wanted to mount it yourself and paint it. Please call us to order this one, (865) 680-4008

Other wise we are taking Pre-Orders on the powder-coated finished ones right now and we will ship them in the order they were taken. Introductory Price $70.00 Please visit here to place your pre-order - http://www.gnsperformance.com/interior-g-body


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