F/S- F.A.S.T Bank-bank classic...

scot w.

Feb 19, 2005
I'm selling a Classic f.a.s.t bank to bank system with 3 o2 sensors and a Option disc for the after market o2 sensors. comes with the jumper wire harness and all programs & files on disc.
$1,025 shipped...

Scot w.
This works fine with no problems at all. The reason for selling is, this car is 90% street driven. I'm wanting to go back to the stock computer and go alittle more simple. This would be great for someone wanting to upgrade!

Scot w.
$1,000 shipped or TRADE for a Trans Pro set up!!

what your getting:

FAST B2B box
Precision jumper harness
3- O2 sensors
O2 option disc for this box
and any files or logs on a CD..

Still in the car and working fine!