F/S: Nice used PS Pump, remote res, and braided AN set-up

TurboTerror, still haven't gotten payment ... I've got two other buyers lined up behind you, so please send payment or let me know if you're no longer interested ...

If anyone knows this member, could you let them know I'm hanging here ...

John A, Turbohh
he is having a tough time right now. His money is always good.
I would help out this veteran member and one of the "original" guys on this forum.
That is what I would do and you would have your money instantly.
Giving up on TurboTerror due to lack of response. WickedV6 was next in line, and a sale is pending !
John A, Turbohh
You did the correct thing. More than patient........
Gotta do what ya gotta do....
Thumbs up.
Thanks Bruce! ... I always feel bad when something like this happens, but I didn't want to lose the other interested parties and wind up with a no sale ...
John A, Turbohh
just saw this, been browsing the board and completely forgot about this. is it still available ? thanks
No, sorry since i got no response from you after several tries I moved on to the next buyer ... i hope you understand ...
John A, Turbohh