F/S: Nice used PS Pump, remote res, and braided AN set-up


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Jul 9, 2001
I bought this set-up from longtime member Karolko way back in 2011, and never got around to using it. Adrian told me the hose lengths are cut for a car with AC Delete, and I needed to keep my AC plus I wanted an aluminum pump, and made other changes so I have this set-up available. I did have the remote reservoir powder coated a titanium color. The set-up includes a used PS pump with a -10AN return and -6AN high-pressure fittings, the three lines - -10AN return and 2 -6AN pressure lines which have the steering gear box fittings with what looks like good O-rings, the remote reservoir with a screw-in cap, and a mounting bracket. I think Adrian has the reservoir hanging off the OEM fender bracket, and maybe if he sees this thread he can chime in. I'm not sure if these lines will clear a car with AC, but the -10AN line is approx. 10" long, the high-pressure line is about 13" long, and the low-pressure is about 11" long. The male -10AN fitting attached to the pump has been sealed with JB Weld material, and seems to be in good condition still. There were no cracks in it. I did wire brush the pump body and repaint it carefully by hand with KBS Coatings gloss black engine paint, so it's all nice and shiny now. I did paint a bit of the JB Weld as well, but you can see the remainder in the photos ... This is a real nice set-up for those of you that want to get rid of your leaky ugly OEM parts. Asking $225 shipped to your door in the lower 48 United States ... First one to PM me they want it gets it, and thanks for looking!!
John A, Turbohh


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Bump to the top ... Still have this set-up ... Happy to consider offers ...
John A Turbohh
Man....I’m surprised this is still on here. I’ve got a set up, but a bump for you
Terror ... Did you forget?? LOL ... I have another buyer lined up behind you if you have decided to pass ... Let me know ... I have PM'd you my PP info.
John A, Turbohh
I'll put you third in line ... Hopefully TurboTerror comes thru soon ... I never know how much time to give guys who make verbal commitments and then go silent ... We should have a "Group Rule" on this LOL ... I'm sure I'm not the only member who's run into this before. I want to be fair to everyone if I can ...
John A, Turbohh