Factory brakes/calipers rattle over every bump.


Boost is Good
Kinda annoying when taking friend's for rides and it sounds like a model T Ford over every little bump in the road. Kinda ruins the bad ass car vibe! So before I tear into it, what wears out, is it the slides or the bolts or? Any advice on where to get service parts? I've already replaced the power master and tightened up the rear shoes, brakes work well-they just sound cringey :-(


Sure it's the brakes?
Well, I can be going like residential speeds over a bumpy road and hear all the chatter(neighbors on the street hear it too and hive me curious looks). But if I drag the brakes just a *bit* all the noise stops.
So there are these little add-on bits called anti rattle clips. Some pad manufacturers include them in pad sets, some don't. Some calipers have facilities for them to be installed, and some don't. I cannot recall if my GN has them, but I see them on nearly every other kind of car every day.

Dorman Brake Disc Pad Clip 26210

Dorman Brake Disc Pad Clip 26210​

But if I drag the brakes just a *bit* all the noise stops.
By dragging the brakes you are putting tension on the whole suspension . It could still be anything the that moves , flexes or rotates . First , is it coming from the front or back , then jack it up and wiggle, push , pull and rotate everything . Good luck , let us know what you find .
cinch the ears on the outboard pad , books back in day said to use large channel lock pliers to cinch them but i stand the pad on a hard surface and tap the outer tab down with a hammer to get them tight so that you have to use a little pressure to get them seated on the caliper , a little rtv on back of pad where it contacts caliper will prevent rust forming there and help to quiet the pad
^^^^^^ THIS.

I had an annoying rattle myself turned out to be the pads even with the anti-rattle clips installed. Took the tire off, noticed pads would rattle in caliper(no pedal pressure), then when Wifey pressed the pedal the pads tightened up(obviously).

Adjusted the clips so I go max tension on the inner(caliper side) & bent the tabs on the outer pad down to get nice gription on the outer side of the caliper. BAM!!! No more rattle!