Failed on CO


Went to get the TTA tested today and it failed.:mad: I used the "guaranteed to pass". The car is mostly stock except for 37 LB inj. and TT chip.

Reading Limit
HC GPM 1.34 2.25 PASS
CO GPM 30.64 23.74 FAIL
MOX GPM 1.67 3.25 PASS

My plan of attack is to order a TT emissions chip, change oil, new plugs and then re-try. The O2 is a delco and is about 1.5 years old.

I wanted to see if this was good plan before proceeding????

sounds like a good plan to me. the turbo tweak chip u have is probably not going to pass ever and is "intended for offroad use only" meaning it will fail with flying colors. the emissions chip i hear is great! just read another post and about the emissions chip passing in california!!!
Were those readings at idle? Remember, TT chips are open loop idle. As said, you will need an emissions chip to pass. Leaner with less timing.
The test that is performed in RI is a transient test. The highest CO readings appear to have occured 15MPH and under according to the graph that was attached to the test. I have a hunch that the guy that was doing the test got into some boost while on the dyno. Next time I will be there to observe. I just wanted to make sure I covered everything as I am only allowed one re-test.

Well just got back from my re-test and I PASSED.:) All I did was order the TT chip, lowered FP, one bottle of HEET and changed the plugs. It just passed though and I wonder if my cat isn't on it's way out. What is really interesting is that when I had it done two years ago, the cat was gutted and I didn't even know it and my numbers were considerably lower than this time. Oh well I'm good for two years and happy:biggrin:

RE-test numbers

HC GPM 2.02 2.25 PASS
CO GPM 21.24 23.74 PASS
NOX GPM 2.97 3.25 PASS
congrats on passin! my car is registered in maryland so im guessing RI is different but i just put historic tags on the car to dodge emissions. i thought there would be mileage restrictions and stuff but i dont they care at all which is awesome for me cause it is my daily driver!