Fall Good Guys AutoX video


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Feb 21, 2007
Hey guys, just wanted to post a video to show some progress! Just got back from the Good Guys Fall Show in Fort Worth and had a blast, finished 8th out of 25-30 cars in the late model class so not bad at all!!

Thanks guys! They just posted the results on the website...I actually finished 7th out of 29 cars! Here is the total list of entries and times to see what else was running in the class today:
SS Terry Neuville 13 Chevy Camaro 71.803
SS Terry Fair 11 Ford Mustang 71.824
SS Aaron Sockwell 13 Ford Mustang 72.592
SS Lloyd Collins 12 Ford Mustang 73.196
SS Blanton Payne 10 Hyundia Genesis 73.295
SS Gilbert Crouch 96 Chevy Corvette 76.204
SS Mike Mahalik 87 Buick Grand Nat. 77.082
SS David Tedesco 11 Chevy Corvette 78.338
SS Frank Manzare 10 Chevy Camaro 78.927
SS Earl Bingham 05' Ford Mustang 79.569
SS Daavid Moderow 00' Ford Mustang 79.758
SS Paul Welch 78 Pontiac Trans Am 79.802
SS Terri Neuville 13 Chevy Camaro 80.523
SS Rick Sink 12 Ford Mustang 80.581
SS Hunter Mahan 01' Ford Mustang 80.921
SS Greg Scherer 78 Pontiac Trans Am 80.958
SS David Maxwell 89 Ford Mustang 81.376
SS Eddie Hughes 10 Chevy Camaro 81.521
SS Ken Kelley 13 Dodge Challenger 81.522
SS John Patrick 10 Chevy Camaro 81.528
SS Bryan Higgins 05' Cadillac CTS 81.861
SS Jakey Sampson 10 Chevy Camaro 81.999
SS John Lea 08' Ford Mustang 82.163
SS Jason Marascio 05' Chevy Silverado 85.327
SS Matt Waldridge 79 Chevy Camaro 86.629
SS Beth McGrath 13 Ford Mustang 87.726
SS Marshal Womack 90 Chevy Corvette 88.192
SS Joey Tamburin 12 Cadillac CTSV
SS Jim Nagy 11 Chevy Corvette
Haha I knew somebody was going to say something about that Charlie!! If it's any better, the Genesis has an LS1 in it! One of the cleanest engine swaps I've ever seen, he even fitted the Hyundai plastic engine cover back on top!
Not yesterday but I will see him again next Sunday...I will get some then and post them up!