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What program are you guys using to open Fast demo software.Plus were can I find gen 7 Demo software and pricing Thanks Ed
Demo software...

The FAST software was an executable if I remember right. What was the extension on the file you downloaded? If it was .ZIP then grab a copy of WINZip to pull the files out of th earchive.

As for the GEN7 software - I've got th edemo, it's only about 6megs. However I've NOT found it ANYWHERE on the 'net. Accel will supposedly send you a CD if you call and ask, mine was from a SEMA attendee. I intend to host it on my server eventually but I've not had time to put it up yet. I'm waiting until I've had time to go over the software and then put up a page dedicated ot the FAST, GEN7, and Commander packages. Did you have specific questions about it or, like me, are you looking at everything out there to get an idea of capabilities? Some of the threads here that I've already posted to may help answer some questions - they were posted within the last week or two...