fast ecu locked up


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my fast b2b ( old style ) just "locked up" at half track last night. has anyone seen this before? the data logger was still recording but all the numbers were frozen. i cycled power to the ecu and it was fine.
The log locked up or the ecm locked up and the car stalled????

Logging with the laptop?? If you are, change the frames per second from 30 to 10. Most likely the laptop can not log all that info at the high rate.

Getting rid of any un-needed info on the log screen helps somewhat. If you only need 8-10 sensors to log for good info, there's no need to log 18. I have seen this several times and it will cause logging issues. The most often problem though is the laptop.
the ecu locked up and the car stalled. it was still logging and the numbers were frozen.

found some iac wires touching each other on the backside of the plug this morning. must have shorted and messed up the ecu somehow.

time to buy an iac relocator