Fastest Carbed Buick???


Mad Scientist
Mar 17, 2008
Whos and what is it??!!!

Hybrids, stockers, drawthru, blowthru...

if you have a carb and a turbo lets see it!

:cool: A.j.
13.202 @ 100.47 MPH @ ~ 1600 ' , which correct out to sea level a 12.98 or somewhere around there. This was my OLDS.
There are some NA carbed applications that were super fast. Mostly high rpm stage 2's. Im sure there are some blow throw carb setups that have gone really quick too.
Dammit........i guess im search retarded. I even looked.


Oh Well.......

Im beginning to wonder how I functioned here with out your assistance charlie!!!!!!!

:rolleyes: A.j.
Over sized turbo ~ 22 # of boost , port & polished heads 8445, 2.5 downpipe , open exhaust, Holley 780 carb , secondarys set to open 1/2 way (it bucked when fully open). MSD 6AL , with a Moroso HAll effect dist and 72381 coil , MSD boost timing retard . I can not remember what the total timing was.

C16 fuel & Slicks , 3.42 Gn rearend with Moroso Slapper bars.
Bison hooked it up with the 4 barrel my olds is almost ready i was tearing up asphalt today with it...Gonna get the vid ready
1 win , 1 runner up, to many to count semi's finals. I did good , the same long block in in the GN now.