Fastest times on pump gas and alky??


A 6 8 U
May 24, 2001
Who here runs the fastest times with a straight forward alky kit like the SMC? I'm not talking about the guys who run 25 nozzles and inject more alcohol than fuel either;) .
I don't know about fastest but I consisantly run around 119 MPH with a best ET of 11.42 with Steve's kit. Out of the box w/ single nozzle. My mix is 70% denatured and 30% menthanol.

I am installing Steve's dual nozzle on my GN this spring. That car has gone 10.95 with C16. Given the success with the Ltd which is so mildly modified, I expect the GN to do at least as well as with the C16 if not better.

I'm taking the Ltd to Norwalk this year for those that may be interested in checking it out.

well i finally ordered my smc kit, although today i just read that two people i know pump's broke. they are trying to fix it asap since he is racing on friday. anyway, a buddy of mine has gone 11.3 at almost 120mph on straight alky, single nozzle, and 93 octane. he was somewhere around 22 psi. just a heads up.