FBI GNX's show up in Hot Rod


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Feb 21, 2007
I thought this was funny, the new issue of Hot Rod has a readers opinion column of what the coolest cop cars were. Of course someone mentioned the "FBI GNX's". Took a picture so you all could see too! Gave me a chuckle.


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I was watching Dateline a couple of years ago and they had a reenactment of a drug bust. Lo and behold the undercover FBI agents were portrayed as driving a GN. Thought it was too funny.
Yeah I thought it was funny. I know highway patrol in CT used GN's but I don't think they ever had GNX's. Just goes to show how far the misinformation on these cars goes!
Part of it has to do with the car itself. It was a bit of a mystery to some people back then how they worked. Tales grew taller as time went by. Information wasn't as readily available as it is today. So it just added to the cars mystique.
At the local track when the Buick club races, we usually have a few white T's and the announcers always calls them Grand Nationals. I quote "We have a white Grand National vs a black one" lol
Yea I had to store mine in a self storage building for a while. The young attendtant told me I had a nice Monte Carlo. I said thanks and drove on. I figured no need in advertising what was really being stored there anyway.
At least your local announcer didn't think they were Monte Carlos. :eek:

lol I hear ya, I think we have all heard the Monte Carlo comment more than once.

Damn Monte Carlo... what the hell is it doing in a Buick club? :D