FEC vs E% table


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Dec 14, 2004
Is anyone aware of a table for FEC vs E% values?
Is the sensor output value linear? (Fuel temp excluded)

Understand that;
FEC 1.00 = 0% Ethanol
FEC 0.68 = 85% Ethanol
cal sent me the chart but i cant find it. ill see what i can dig up
I looked but couldnt find anything. I think I have it saved on my Xfi laptop which is in my car. And you know that's in arizona

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Thanks, appreciate the effort.

Well, that was enlightening, but, scary as well!! And seeing as how he makes no mention of an alternative sensor mfg, etc. does that mean there are none? I wonder how many E85 people have contaminated fuel (with higher water content), whose computer actually thinks they have higher E Rating and is adjusting the tune accordingly?

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