Few nice pictures and a video of my car from last Friday...


No turbo, no care.
Apr 13, 2002
Best run of the day. Couldn't figure out why the MPH was so weak, after I left the track and went back to my buddy’s house to drain the C16 out of the tank I noticed I had blown a vacuum line off sometime during the day. :mad:

Didn't do too bad. Wasn't a fan of the Quick Time Pro's (27x10.5), I cut a best 60' of 1.67, at the same track, on BFG 275/50 Drag Radial's I've cut a 1.66. Only thing I did like about them, they're a lot easier to launch, and because of this, more consistent.

http://www.cofba.org/users/zeppelin/LarrysFormula/Norwalk 101703/Blue second gen Camaro.mpg

... and some sweet pics, trying to decide which I want to get made into a poster, leaning towards the first one.

I shuold have more video tonight, hopefully. I'll post it when I get it. :)
Holy crap, those are some nice pictures! I'd make the poster out of the 4th one in the list. I love that shot!
Kenny, you are gettin there man. I take it you got the tranny problems worked out. I never liked anything but regular 26x10 ET drags. Looks like it is running real good for you.
Tranny problem turned out to be something with the case. Janis put two or three valve bodies in it and it did the same thing.

He gave me a new case for free and didn't charge for labor. :cool:

It's running pretty well, but should be faster than that. I'm probably heading to the track tomorrow night, dunno if I'll better the ET or not, but hoping to better the MPH. We'll see.
Hopefully 11.50's or faster.

In 100% street trim I've gone 12.16@109 with 19psi with a 1.665 60' (on 275/50 BFG Drag Radials).

With 21psi (what I normally run on the street, I had a bad actuator on the 12.16 pass) it should do high 11.8's.

I don't know if the car just doesn't like a lot of timing or if the vacuum line was blown off the full day. I'm going to try C16 and the street chip tonight, just to see what it will do. Track I'm headed too doesn't prep much, so ET's won't be anything impressive, I'm looking for MPH.

Oh, forgot, boost @ Norwalk was all over. Started low, turned it up after each pass. The 11.90 run was like 26psi, no knock, 760 o2's through the traps.
What chips are you running and what was your 60'. I know a lot of people swear by treaded drag tires but I could never get any consistency with them. Plus with slicks you can leave really hard and drop the 60'.
Street chip is a Lubrant, 20*. Race chip is a Testa 27*.

Best 60' on drag radials = 1.665

Best 60' on 27X10.5 Quick Time Pro's = 1.67x

... car is down on power for some reason. Went to the track last night with the normal street setup and it's running slower than it did when the weather is hot. :mad:

I'm wondering if I blew a head gasket... I keep getting a burning coolant smell every once and a while. I did a compression test on it though, passed. Need to do a leak down.

I hate cars. I really do. :D
So bitter to be so young. 27 PSI is not a ton but how many miles are on the engine. You will never get these car completely figured out. It seems there is always more to be had somewhere. Good luck
Not bitter, just annoying. I'm sure you know the feeling.

Motor has about 20k on it.

With 27psi it should be running faster than high 11's. I'll do a leak down test soon. Hopefully turns out well, but won't be shocked if I blew a head gasket. I've broke everything else that shouldn't break, so what's one more thing? :cool:

Hows your car? Haven't seen much more since the thread about you buying it.
Kenny, my Limited is my daily driver so it will remain mostly stock. I do miss my GN , well at least the acceleration part anyway. The guy I sold it to is local so I hear from him quite often. He put a new trans in with a brake and let me run it down the track for helping him out with it. Car went 11.50 first time out, but he has since went 11.30 with it. I told him he is on borrowed time with that engine having nearly 90K and never been opened up except for valvesprings and a timing chain. I think he runs 26 PSI.