My GN after a day of polishing and waxing. Original paint.

Here is my car at the shop...

I know that i am going to have to go that route when i paint my car but i know that i will not like it. Phoneguy, are you painting the door jambs/trunk area,etc?
No jambs, the inside of the trunk lid looks new. I told the guy not to touch the inside of the trunk lid.

Actual cost= $0.00

My wifes cousin owns 13 DuPont paint stores, I have done all of his voice/data cabling and phone system hardware for about 16 years free of charge. He owes me...
I would think the cost would be around 9k-11k but that is just a guess, I have never priced the cost of doing this elsewhere.

I was afraid of that. I guess i'll be showing off my checkered paint for a while.
Local shop here in Illinois charged me $500 per body panel to paint my dark red TR. So that was $1500 to paint the trunk, roof, hood and front clip. Stripped it to bare metal, used PPG paint, wet sand, buff. I think you should just paint the hood/valence and leave the rest original.


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Even with the checking, It looks good. Knowing that it's original makes it cool in my book. It's only original once.:cool:

Nice ride.

Mike Barnard
Mike, thats what i say. Thats why i bought the car. Cause it was original paint even though it had checking. And it was in my budget. Thank you.