Finally, a REAL vac pump that is affordable!

Nick Micale

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After years of trying various methods and parts trying to do a "real" crankcase vac system to work properly on a Buick turbo application, we have finally come up with an affordable and efficient package.:)

First of all, it flat works.:D Since I have been logging crankcase pressure [and vac] for a couple years, I know what does NOT work. Tried both the GM and Ford electric pumps, and when they were working, about 4 inches of vac was max. When not working, which was intermittant, the breathers would blow out.:mad:

Of course this was a nasty mess to clean between rounds. The GM pumps were famous for this. The Ford pump just got tired and was inconsistant.:frown:

There are 2 issues with mechanical pumps, they are expensive, and very hard to adapt to a Buick.

When I finally found a pump and company that would work with me, the details for mounting, pulley size and drive were finally designed and built.

The system is based upon the Champion AC delete bracket which most of use use in our race cars. We designed and had a CNC piece made to replace the center support on the Champion bracket to use for mounting the pump.

The properly sized drive pulley is mounted on the snout of the water pump and uses a cog drive belt to drive the pump. An adjustable regulator is mounted on the pump inlet.

Pass side valve cover is sealed with an O-ring cap for the oil fill. The DS valve cover has a breather with a nipple for the pump inlet hose. Outlet of the pump goes to an accumulator.

First time at the track, an amazing thing, there was not a drop of oil under my car after five 9 sec. runs!:)

Hope to have more info on my web site soon, but call or e-mail direct [no PM's] if more details are wanted.


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