Finally I am a Grand National owner


Sep 1, 2012
Drove out today to Mike's (monte231SS) and picked up his 86 GN. I know it was a sad day for him seeing it drive away. But it will be well taken care of ;)

Here it is when I got home being towed by my twin turbo V6


And all tucked away in the garage,will be more room once my friend comes picks up my motorcycle lift

Thanks. Have wanted one since they came out,and now it has happened. So pumped up right now lol
Yep me too, just picked mine up about a month ago so I know that feeling.
what tire combo are you running?
Tomorrow have to actually look to see what size he has on there. it is getting new rubber over the winter. He gave me the stock wheels and center caps also so not sure which set I will run on it. But as of now I think the black ones will stay on it
Welcome to the Family !! Lots of good guys on here with lots of great information !! Glad to have you guys on board !
Read about your kill, good to hear ya driving it like you stole it! My kids love it when its turbo time.